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Why You Need to Winterize Your Deck

Winter is a mix of good and bad. The good, as far as most people are concerned, has already passed in the form of that first, exciting snow melting and beloved guests departing after the festive holiday season. The bad, namely the frigid temperatures and biting wind coming off of the lake, are here to stay for a while yet. Instead of waiting impatiently for spring to arrive, you can spend your weekends carrying out maintenance and home improvement projects that will make life easier once the warmer weather arrives, such as winterizing your deck.


The primary reason to winterize a deck is to keep it in a state of good repair throughout the winter, and all other reasons to do so can be linked to the deck’s condition in one way or another. Without being thoroughly cleaned and refinished before the cold sets in, a wooden deck is more susceptible to deterioration at the hand of Mother Nature. Winterizing your deck is a form of protection that promotes durability and longevity.


Depending on the type of deck you have, failing to winterize it could leave you with a wet, rotting mess by the time those April showers end. Applying a reliable water-repellent finish can help your deck stave off weather-related damage, but it is important that your deck is thoroughly clean and dry before this type of seal is applied. Take the steps necessary for proper deck winterization, and your deck will look as beautiful when spring arrives as it did last summer.


By preserving the integrity and aesthetic appeal of a deck, winterization helps a homeowner maximize the value that he or she gets from the deck. To get the most from a freshly installed deck, power wash, seal, and fully winterize your deck each fall.

While Chicago’s erratic autumn weather makes winterizing your deck in October or November the best-case scenario for your deck, it is may not be too late to spare your deck from most of winter’s harm. If a quick look at your deck tells you otherwise and you think you will need to invest in a new cedar or composite deck to enjoy once spring arrives, call Randy Jaacks Rustic Woodmen Decks at (847) 827-7456.

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