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Year Round Deck Maintenance Tips

Within the last week, temperatures in the Chicago area have dropped drastically. We may have hoped for a few more weeks before winter, but it’s coming in strong. At Randy Jaacks Rustic Woodmen Decks, we want to help you keep your deck in perfect condition, no matter the season. Here are some easy, must-do tasks to keep your deck at its best all year round.

Proper Ventilation for your Deck

Winter is on its way, and it’s bringing a ton of snow and rain. Standing water can cause damage to your deck. The best way to prevent standing water is to roll up your sleeves and clear away all the dirt, debris, and twigs that have built up around your deck. When all the junk is cleared away, water will be able to in and around your deck without causing any damage in the event of a moisture buildup.

Protecting Your Deck from Water Stains

Plants are a great way to dress up your deck, but they can lead to unsightly water stains. If a pot is left on your deck with no drain, then your deck could be at risk for a water stain or wood decay. To avoid the damage, consider investing in deck stand-offs that will elevate your plants and give your deck a chance to breathe.

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Deck Use in the Winter

There are tons of fun deck accessories like barbecues and hot tubs that can be enjoyed all year long. Once the snow starts to fall in the Midwest, its unlikely to stop. So when you’re clearing the path to your hot tub make sure to use a plastic snow shovel, and avoid using any salt or other ice melters. Steel shovels can cause major damage to your wood deck, and salt can discolor or damage your deck.

Protecting Your Deck From Candle Wax

Candles can help you create a warm and romantic atmosphere on your deck. But they do come with risks! Make sure you place containers to catch dripping wax below your candles. If wax does get on your deck, use a putty knife to gently   remove the wax. Hot water and a little pressure can help remove any stubborn wax and won’t discolor your deck.

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Maintaining Your Deck All Year Long

It is important to keep your deck clean during every season of the year. In the fall, thoroughly sweep away leaves to avoid staining when they start to decompose. Every so often use a medium synthetic brush, garden hose, and deck approved wash to remove dirt. Keeping your deck clean of debris and dirt will help your deck coating stay gorgeous even longer.

Woodpeckers & Other Pests

If woodpeckers are after your deck, then try placing some plastic owls or rubber snakes around your deck. The fake predators will scare away woodpeckers and other pests as soon as you put them out.

Randy Jaacks Rustic Woodmen Decks is dedicated to helping our customers get the most life and beauty from our custom decks. If you have questions about proper deck maintenance, or need to schedule a deck repair, call us today at (847) 827-7619.

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